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The 2DTableColumn object provides a column for a 2D table in DIAdem REPORT. The 2DTableColumn object corresponds to one of the following objects:

2DTableColumnChannel Channel
2DTableColumnExpression DIAdem expression
2DTableColumnText Text list
2DTableColumnVariable Variables

The following example displays the types of all columns in all 2D tables:

Dim oMyReportObj, oMyReportObjects, oMySubObjects, oMySubObj, sOutput
sOutput = ""
Set oMyReportObjects = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects
For Each oMyReportObj in oMyReportObjects
  If oMyReportObj.ObjectType = eReportObject2DTable Then
    Set oMySubObjects = oMyReportObj.Columns
    For Each oMySubObj in oMySubObjects
      sOutput = sOutput & "Column type: " & oMySubObj.Type & vbCrLf
  End If
Call MsgBoxDisp(sOutput)


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