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Edition Date: June 2018
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The 2DTableColumnVariable object provides a 2D table column in DIAdem REPORT. The table column takes its contents from a variable.

The following example generates a 2D table with a column and sets the column properties:

Dim oMy2DTable, oMyPosition, oMyColumn
Call Report.NewLayout()
Set oMy2DTable = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject2DTable,"My2DTable")
Set oMyPosition = oMy2DTable.Position.ByBorder
oMyPosition.Top = 30
oMyPosition.Bottom = 20
oMyPosition.Left = 20
oMyPosition.Right = 30
Set oMyColumn = oMy2DTable.Columns.Add(e2DTableColumnVariable)
oMyColumn.VariableName = "CurrTime"
oMy2DTable.Settings.IndexSettings.IndexMode = e2DTableIndexModeAutomaticMinimum
Call Report.Refresh()


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