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Property: Index for 2DTable

DIAdem 2018 Help

Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 370858P-01
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Returns the index of a 2D table in DIAdem REPORT. If you change the ZOrder property of an object, you also change the indexes of all objects.

Object with this property
Object.IndexLongInteger with read access

The following example displays the indexes of the objects that have the eReportObject2DTable object type:

Dim oMyReportObj, oMyReportObjects, sOutput
Set oMyReportObjects = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects
For Each oMyReportObj in oMyReportObjects
  If oMyReportObj.ObjectType = eReportObject2DTable Then
    sOutput = sOutput & "Object " & oMyReportObj.Name & ": Index: "& oMyReportObj.Index & VBCrLf
  End If
Call MsgBoxDisp(sOutput)


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