Property: TagTemporary for 2DTable

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Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 370858P-01
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Specifies a temporary tag for an object in DIAdem REPORT.

Use this property to add additional information to the object. Afterwards you can evaluate such information in a program, for example, for special treatment of the object.

The tag does not affect the behavior of the object. DIAdem does not save this tag with the layout.

Object with this property
Object.TagTemporaryVariant with read and write access
You can use numeric or Boolean values and strings as well as object structures.

The following example assigns a temporary tag to 2D table type objects:

Dim oMyReportObj, oMyReportObjects
Set oMyReportObjects = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects
For Each oMyReportObj in oMyReportObjects
  If oMyReportObj.ObjectType = eReportObject2DTable Then
    oMyReportObj.TagTemporary = "Selected"
  End If


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