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Edition Date: June 2018
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Specifies the file type.

Definition FileDlgFilt, String variable

The FileDlgFilt variable consists of the description and the file filter. Separate the description and the file filter with a comma. DIAdem displays the description in the file dialog box. The file filter limits the number of displayed files. For example, if you assign the value "Script Files,*.VBS" to the variable FileDlgFilt, DIAdem enters the text "Script Files" into the dialog box and filters the files with *.VBS. You also can specify several file filters if you separate them with semicolons, for example, Excel Files, *.csv;*.xls. You can also assign to the variable FileDlgFilt several combinations of descriptions and file filters by separating them with a vertical line, for example, "Script Files,*.VBS|List Files,*.LST".

Used by

Command: FileDlgShow | Command: FileNameGet | Command: GPIFileTypeFind | Program Variables in Commands


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