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Loading a VIEW Layout with a Script

DIAdem 2011 Help

Edition Date: July 2011

Part Number: 370859J-01

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Use objects, properties, and methods to control DIAdem VIEW from a script. For example, to load a VIEW layout with a script, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the DIAdem SCRIPT panel.

  2. Select File»New»VBS Script to create a new script.

  3. Enter or copy the following text into the script editor:

    B1 = View.LoadLayout(LayoutLibrPath & "Example.TDV")
  4. Select Script»Start VBS Script to start the script.

The script opens the DIAdem VIEW panel with the WndShow command. Then the script loads the layout Example.tdv with the method LoadLayout from the library folder of DIAdem.

Note  Refer to VIEW help pages Objects, Properties, and Methods for information on controlling the DIAdem VIEW panel with a script.


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