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Edition Date: August 2016

Part Number: 370956M-01

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Distributed TClk is an advanced TClk application that synchronizes Synchronization and Memory Core (SMC) technology devices that are controlled by different hosts or controllers. Distributed TClk allows you to align SMC devices to an external synchronization event. 

Each group of TClk-synchronized devices has a Sync Pulse Sender. The Sync Pulse Sender sends out a Sync Pulse to all the other devices. The driver automatically specifies the Sync Pulse Sender during the TClk synchronization process. You can also specify the Sync Pulse Sender by setting the Export Sync Pulse Output Terminal on one of the TClk-synchronized devices. Distributed TClk allows you to use an external signal to synchronize the Sync Pulse Senders from multiple groups of TClk-synchronized devices. 

If you use a Timing and Synchronization device, you can share the CLK_10 Reference Clock and create a valid synchronization event across many chassis with different controllers, or across chassis that are physically separated.  To synchronize devices to an external event, all the devices must share the same CLK_10 Reference Clock. The event must occur at the same time in all the chassis and be synchronous with the same rising edge of CLK_10. 

Note Note   Distributed TClk allows analog triggers, but the trigger timestamps across different TClk-synchronized sessions do not adjust automatically. If you adjust the trigger timestamps manually, the triggers can only be aligned to within one TClk period. 

LabVIEW VI C Function
niTClk Setup for Sync Pulse Sender Synchronize VI niTClk_SetupforSyncPulseSenderSynchronize
niTClk Synchronize to Sync Pulse Sender VI niTClk_SynchronizetoSyncPulseSender
niTClk Finish Sync Pulse Sender Synchronize VI niTClk_FinishSyncPulseSenderSynchronize

LabVIEW Property C Attribute


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