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Creating Volume License Installers

NI Volume License Manager 3.0 Help

Edition Date: July 2010

Part Number: 370967E-01

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Use the Volume License Installer Wizard to create a Volume License Installer for your NI products. Installing National Instruments software directly from the software media does not configure client machines to use licenses from a volume license server.

The Volume License Installer Wizard modifies the installer to offer the following functions:

  • Configures client machines to connect to NI Volume License Manager (NI VLM) for licensing
  • Sends client information to NI VLM
  • Sends permission requests to NI VLM
  • Sets the default install state for all products in multiple-product suites based on the client's permissions
  • Displays the administrator information to clients for licensing support
    Note Note  The first page of the Volume License Installer Wizard displays your current administrator information. Refer to Setting Administrator Information for information about changing this information.

When a client runs a Volume License Installer, the installer contacts NI VLM to update the following information:

  • Group information
  • Administrator information
  • Serial numbers

Using the Volume License Installer Wizard

Complete the following general steps to create and distribute Volume License Installers:

Note Note  You should define groups before you run the Volume License Installer Wizard if you want to allow your clients to send permission requests. Refer to Managing Groups for more information. Alternatively, you can create a Volume License Installer that does not send permission requests.
  1. Select the Tools»Create Volume License Installer menu item to start the wizard.
  2. Set software source and destination paths and give your Volume License Installer a name.
  3. Specify the distribution method for the Volume License Installer.
  4. Specify how client machines should be configured when running the Volume License Installer.
  5. Specify the permission request behavior for the Volume License Installer.
  6. Specify which products to include in the Volume License Installer.
  7. Review your selections for the Volume License Installer.
  8. Build your Volume License Installer.
  9. Review the Frequently Asked Questions and then distribute your new Volume License Installer.

Distribute the modified installer within your organization either by using a shared network drive or copying this new product installer to a CD, DVD, or USB drive. Because the use of this software is always governed by NI VLM, you can freely distribute the installer.


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