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Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 371025V-01
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Short Name: Automatic Thermal Correction

Property of niRFSG

Enables or disables automatic thermal correction. When this property is enabled, changes to settings cause NI-RFSG to check whether the device temperature has changed and adjust the settings as needed. When this property is disabled, you must explicitly call the niRFSG Perform Thermal Correction VI to adjust the device for temperature changes.

Supported Devices: PXIe-5611, PXI/PXIe-5650/5651/5652, PXIe-5653/5654/5654 with PXIe-5696, PXI-5670/5671, PXIe-5672/5673/5673E, PXIe-5820/5840

Default Value: Enable

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Disable (0)

Disables automatic thermal correction.

Enable (1)

Enables automatic thermal correction.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Datatype iL
High-level VIs N/A
Channel-based No


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