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Edition Date: June 2018
Part Number: 371025V-01
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Short Name: Q Offset

Property of niRFSG

When using a National Instruments AWG module or VST device, this property specifies the Q-signal DC offset. Units are either percent (%) or volts (V), depending on the Offset Units property setting.

PXIe-5673/5673E: Actual AWG signal offset is equal to the I/Q modulator offset correction plus the value specified by this property. When using an external AWG, this property is read-only and indicates the I/Q modulator Q-offset. Units are volts, as indicated by the Offset Units property.

Supported Devices: PXIe-5644/5645/5646, PXIe-5673/5673E, PXIe-5820/5840

Valid Values: -100% to 100% or -0.2 V to 0.2 V

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The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Datatype fD
High-level VIs N/A
Channel-based No


Not Helpful