Arc Move Mode

LabVIEW 2018 SoftMotion Module

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371093W-01

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The type of arc to perform. Valid options are circular, spherical, and helical.


Performs a circular arc move on a coordinate. A circular arc defines an arc in the xy plane of a two- or three-dimensional coordinate space. Refer to Circular Arcs for more information.


Performs a spherical arc move on a coordinate. Spherical arcs are defined as a circular arc in the x'y' plane of a transformed coordinate space, x'y'z'. The transformed coordinate space is defined in orientation only, with no absolute position offset. Orientation of the transformed coordinate space is with respect to the xyz coordinate space and is defined in terms or roll, yaw, and pitch angles. Refer to Spherical Arcs for more information.


Performs a helical arc move on a coordinate. A helical arc is an arc in three-dimensional space that consists of a circle in the xy plane and synchronized linear travel on the z-axis. Refer to Helical Arcs for more information.

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