SoftMotion VIs and Functions

LabVIEW 2018 SoftMotion Module

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371093W-01

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Owning Palette: Vision and Motion

Use the SoftMotion VIs and functions to build deterministic motion control applications.

Palette Object Description
Axis constant Specifies a reference to an axis in the LabVIEW Project. An axis is a unit associated with a stepper motor, servo motor, or other similar motion or control device.
Coordinate constant Specifies a reference to a coordinate in the LabVIEW Project. A coordinate is a logical, multidimensional group of axes.
Table constant Specifies a reference to an SoftMotion table. Tables contain data used with contouring and camming operations. Values are loaded from a file using the Configure Table dialog box or created programmatically using Create Table (contour moves only).
Create Reference Creates a reference to specific SoftMotion interface objects. When you place this VI on the block diagram, the polymorphic VI selector is visible. Use this selector to choose which polymorphic instance to use.
Destroy Reference Destroys the SoftMotion interface reference. LabVIEW destroys existing motion references automatically when the top-level VI finishes running. However, National Instruments recommends that you destroy the motion reference explicitly, especially in a long-running application, to conserve memory resources.
Wait Until Done Ensures that a synchronous operation completes successfully.
Property Node Gets (reads) and/or sets (writes) properties of a reference. Use the property node to get or set properties and methods on local or remote application instances, VIs, objects, and SoftMotion resources. You can also use the property node to access the private data of a LabVIEW class. The node operates in the same way as a standard Property Node.
Invoke Node Invokes a method or action on a reference. The Invoke Node (SoftMotion) is preconfigured to access SoftMotion Axis methods. The node operates in the same way as a standard Invoke Node.

Subpalette Description
Express VIs Use the SoftMotion express VIs to build deterministic motion control applications.
SoftMotion Advanced Functions Use the SoftMotion Advanced VIs and functions to create custom motion control applications, with or without the NI Scan Engine.


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