Recovering a Deleted or Damaged License File

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Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 371136K-01

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If you accidentally delete or damage a license file, you can restore it. How you restore your license file depends on what kind of license file you need, as follows:

  • To restore a license file installed with an application, perform the following steps:
    1. Browse to, enter the product name and license file, and browse to the appropriate license file.
    2. Download the desired evaluation license file.
    3. Launch NI License Manager and install the license file that you downloaded. Refer to Installing a License File for more information about installing a license file.
      Note  If you have a damaged license file, NI License Manager asks whether you want to overwrite the existing file when you install a new license file. Click Yes.
    4. Activate the newly installed license. Refer to Activating a Product for more information.
  • To restore a license file given to you by a National Instruments Volume License Program administrator (either a disconnected or a home license file), contact your administrator for another copy.



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