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Data View

The Data View tab displays data in LabVIEW SignalExpress. You can drag a signal directly from a step in the Project View to the Data View tab to display the value of the signal. The Data View tab can display signals in several formats, including graphs, charts, and various numeric representations.

When you drag a signal to the Data View tab, the signal appears in a new or existing display depending on whether a display showing that type of data already exists. By default, the Data View tab appears with a graph display, but LabVIEW SignalExpress automatically updates the type of the display to fit the data type of the signal you add.

A project can contain multiple Data View tabs, and one Data View tab can contain multiple displays. Right-click a display and select Data View»New Data View from the shortcut menu to create a new Data View tab. To remove a Data View tab, either close the tab or right-click a display on the tab and select Data View»Remove Data View from the shortcut menu. You also can use the Data View menu to add, remove, or modify the appearance of the Data View tab.

If the Data View tab is not visible, select View»Data View to display the tab.

Viewing Data in a Playback Work Area

In a Playback work area, the Data View tab appears with a playback toolbar you can use to navigate logged data. Drag a log from the Logged Data window to a display on the Data View tab to view the logged data. You then can use the buttons on the playback toolbar to play back the log, play back the log repeatedly, or update the display to show the next or previous iteration of the log. You can use the down arrow to set the speed of playback. The playback toolbar also includes a time line you can use to scroll to a specific point in a log.



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