NI PXI-5695 Block Diagram

NI RF Signal Conditioning Devices Help (NI-5690 14.5)

Edition Date: March 2015

Part Number: 371326D-01

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The following figure is a block diagram of the NI PXI-5695 RF attenuator. The text that follows the figure describes the basic elements of the diagram.

NI PXI-5695 Block Diagram

Caution  The NI 5695 RF attenuator input connectors are sensitive to ESD. Observe all precautions described in ESD Information when making, removing, or adjusting connections to the NI RF attenuator input connectors. For example, do not adjust an antenna connected to the NI RF attenuator input without observing all ESD precautions.

Channel 0

Channel 0 (CH 0) functions as a fixed attenuator containing two selectable paths. Use CH 0 as you would a conventional fixed attenuator.

Main path—Consists of a fixed attenuator that has 30 dB nominal attenuation.

Direct path—Provides the option of bypassing the attenuator circuitry. This path is useful for handling lower power inputs that do not need to be attenuated.

Channel 1

Channel 1 (CH 1) functions as a programmable attenuator. By default, CH 1 is initialized to use maximum attenuation.

Caution  Observe maximum input power ratings to avoid damaging the NI RF attenuator.

Refer to the NI PXI-5695 Specifications document, available in PDF format at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI-5690»Documentation, for detailed specifications of both channels, including available gain ranges, gain variation by temperature, and power ratings.


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