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NI RF Signal Conditioning Devices Help (NI-5690 14.5)

Edition Date: March 2015

Part Number: 371326D-01

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The NI PXI-5690 RF amplifier, the NI PXI-5691 RF amplifier, and the NI PXI-5695 RF attenuator offer fixed gain and configurable gain in a compact 1 Slot 3U PXI hardware module. These NI RF signal conditioning devices have gain and noise figure characteristics that optimize dynamic range and sensitivity in NI RF vector signal generators and analyzers. Expand this book to view topics that describe the hardware modules in more detail.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Information

Caution  The NI RF signal conditioning devices input connectors are sensitive to ESD. Because ESD can damage several components of the NI RF signal conditioning device, always observe the following precautions when unpacking, handling, installing, and using NI RF signal conditioning devices.
  • Store or transport the hardware module in the supplied antistatic package when not in use. Touch the antistatic package to a metal part of your computer chassis before removing the module from the package.
  • Always handle the hardware module by the edges. Do not touch connector contacts or trace surfaces with bare hands.
  • Never touch exposed connector pins.
  • Before installing an NI RF signal conditioning device, ensure that the workstation and all instruments in your system are properly earth-grounded to prevent buildup of static charge. A static-free workstation may include antistatic table and floor mats, wrist straps, and heel straps.
  • A coaxial cable with the ends open can function as a capacitor. Before connecting any open-ended cable to an NI RF signal conditioning device, momentarily short the center and outer connectors of the cable together.
  • Ground yourself with a resistor-isolated wrist strap before installing the module, before touching the center pin of any connector, and before removing or adjusting any connections to the module.

    For example, do not adjust an antenna connected to an NI RF signal conditioning device input without observing all ESD precautions.


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