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Cast Unit Bases Function

LabVIEW 2011 Help

Edition Date: June 2011

Part Number: 371361H-01

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Owning Palette: Conversion VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Package

Changes the base units associated with the input to the base units associated with unit and returns the results at the output terminal.

Caution  Use this function with extreme caution. Because this function works with bases, you must understand the conversion from an arbitrary unit to its bases before you can effectively use this function. This function can change base units, such as changing meters to kilograms.


unit associates input with output results. The default is none, which does not associate any units.
x is a floating-point number with or without a unit.
x returns the same data type and structure as x.

Cast Unit Bases Details

Wiring unit to a constant of units mm is no different than wiring to a constant of units m because the base unit (m) is identical. In most instances, use the Convert Unit function to turn the units feature on or off or to convert between units.


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