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File I/O VIs and Functions

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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File I/O VIs and Functions

Advanced File VIs and Functions

Array of Strings to Path
Check if File or Folder Exists
Compare Two Paths
Create Folder
Datalog Functions

Close File
Get Datalog Position
Get Number of Records
Open/Create/Replace Datalog
Read Datalog
Set Datalog Position
Set Number of Records
Write Datalog

Deny Access
File Dialog
File/Directory Info
Flush File
Generate Temporary File Path
Get File Extension
Get File Position
Get File Size
Get Permissions
Get Type and Creator
Get Volume Info
List Folder
MD5Checksum File
Packed Library VIs

Get Exported File List
Get Exported File Path
Packed Library Path

Path to Array of Strings
Path To String
Path Type
Preallocated Read from Binary File

Contiguous and Noncontiguous Array Slices

Recursive File List
Refnum to Path
Set File Position
Set File Size
Set Permissions
Set Type and Creator
String To Path

Build Path
Close File
Configuration File VIs

Close Config Data
Get Key Names
Get Section Names
Not A Config Data Refnum
Open Config Data
Read Key
Remove Key
Remove Section
Write Key

File Constants

Application Directory
Current VI's Path
Default Data Directory
Default Directory
Empty Path Constant
Get System Directory
Not A Path Constant
Not a Refnum Constant
Path Constant
Temporary Directory
VI Library

Format Into File
Open/Create/Replace File
Read from Binary File
Read From Spreadsheet File
Read from Text File
Scan From File
Setting Permissions
Storage/DataPlugin VIs

Close Data Storage
Convert to TDM or TDMS
Data File Viewer
Delete Data
Get Properties
Open Data Storage
Read Data
Set Properties
Write Data
Advanced Storage VIs

Create Query Expression
Execute Query Expression
Get Object Info
Get Property
Get Property Info
ID to Refnum
Merge Query Expressions
Merge Storage Refnums
Refnum to ID
Set Property

Manage DataPlugins VIs

Export DataPlugin
List DataPlugins
Register DataPlugin
Unregister DataPlugin

Strip Path
TDM Streaming VIs and Functions

TDMS Close
TDMS Defragment
TDMS File Viewer
TDMS Flush
TDMS Get Properties
TDMS List Contents
TDMS Set Properties
TDMS Write
Advanced TDMS VIs and Functions

TDMS Advanced Close
TDMS Advanced Open
TDMS Convert Format
TDMS Create Scaling Information
TDMS Reserve File Size
TDMS Set Channel Information
TDMS Set Next Read Position
TDMS Set Next Write Position
TDMS Advanced Asynchronous I/O Functions

TDMS Advanced Asynchronous Read
TDMS Advanced Asynchronous Write
TDMS Configure Asynchronous Reads
TDMS Configure Asynchronous Writes
TDMS Generate Random Data
TDMS Get Asynchronous Read Status
TDMS Get Asynchronous Write Status
TDMS Start Asynchronous Reads
TDMS Stop Asynchronous Reads

TDMS Advanced Data Reference I/O Functions

TDMS Advanced Asynchronous Read (Data Ref)
TDMS Advanced Asynchronous Write (Data Ref)
TDMS Configure Asynchronous Reads (Data Ref)
TDMS Configure Asynchronous Writes (Data Ref)
TDMS Get Asynchronous Read Status (Data Ref)
TDMS Get Asynchronous Write Status (Data Ref)

TDMS Advanced Synchronous I/O Functions

TDMS Advanced Synchronous Read
TDMS Advanced Synchronous Write

UNC Filename Support of File I/O VIs on Windows
Waveform File I/O VIs

Export Waveforms to Spreadsheet File
Read Waveforms from File
Write Waveforms to File

Write to Binary File
Write To Spreadsheet File
Write to Text File
XML VIs and Functions

LabVIEW Schema VIs and Functions

Escape XML
Flatten To XML
Read From XML File
Unescape XML
Write to XML File
Unflatten From XML

XML Parser VIs and Nodes

Get All Matched Nodes
Get First Matched Node
Get First Non-Text Child
Get Node Text Content
Get Next Non-Text Sibling
Invoke Node (XML)
Property Node (XML)

Zip VIs

Add File to Zip
Close Zip File
New Zip File


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