Graphics & Sound VIs

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Graphics & Sound VIs

Beep (Windows)
Beep (Mac OS X, Linux)
3D Graph Properties VIs

3D Curve
3D Parametric Surface
3D Surface
Axes Properties
Basic Properties
Convert OLE Color
Grid Properties
Projection Properties
Set Plots

3D Picture Control VIs

File Loading VIs

Load ASE Geometry
Load STL Geometry
Load VRML File

Geometries VIs

Create 3D Axis
Create Box
Create Cone
Create Cylinder
Create Height Field
Create Mesh
Create Mesh with Attributes
Create Sphere
Create Text
Create Text with Alignment

Helpers VIs

Apply Texture
Color Change
Create Clip Plane
New Light
Sensor Mapping
Set Clip Plane
Set Light
Setup Window

Object VIs

Add Object
Create Object
Find Object
Set Blending
Set Drawing Style
Set Material

Transformations VIs

Clear Transformation
Get Rotation
Get Scale
Get Translation
Rotate Object
Rotate X-axis
Rotate Y-axis
Rotate Z-axis
Scale Object
Set Rotation
Set Scale
Set Translation
Translate Object

Graphics Formats VIs

Flatten Pixmap
Read BMP File
Read JPEG File
Read PNG File
Unflatten Pixmap
Write BMP File
Write JPEG File
Write PNG File

Picture Functions VIs

Color Box Constant
Color to RGB
Create Mask
Draw Arc
Draw Circle by Radius
Draw Flattened Pixmap
Draw Grayed Out Rect
Draw Line
Draw Multiple Lines
Draw Oval
Draw Point
Draw Rectangle
Draw Round Rect
Draw Text at Point
Draw Text in Rect
Draw Unflattened Pixmap
Empty Picture
Get Image Subset
Get Text Rect
Hilite Color
Move Pen
Picture to Pixmap
RGB to Color

Picture Plots VIs

Calc Scale Specs
Draw Legend
Draw Scale
Map Pixel to Value
Map Setup
Map Value to Pixel
Normalize Smith Plot
Plot Multi-XY
Plot Waveform
Plot XY
Polar Plot with Point Options
Radar Plot
Smith Multi Plot
Smith Plot

Sound VIs

Sound Files VIs

Sound File Close
Sound File Info
Sound File Open
Sound File Read
Sound File Read Simple
Sound File Write
Sound File Write Simple

Sound Input VIs

Acquire Sound
Sound Input Clear
Sound Input Configure
Sound Input Read
Sound Input Start
Sound Input Stop

Sound Output VIs

Play Sound File
Play Waveform
Sound Output Clear
Sound Output Configure
Sound Output Info
Sound Output Set Volume
Sound Output Start
Sound Output Stop
Sound Output Wait
Sound Output Write


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