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String Functions

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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String Functions

Additional String VIs and Functions

Append True/False String
Index String Array
Match First String
Match True/False String
Pick Line
Reverse String
Rotate String
Scan String For Tokens
Search and Replace Pattern
Search/Split String

Array To Spreadsheet String
Build Text
Carriage Return Constant
Concatenate Strings
Empty String Constant
End of Line Constant
Flatten/Unflatten String Functions

Flatten To JSON
Flatten to String
Flatten to XML
Flattened String to Variant
Unflatten From String
Unflatten From JSON
Unflatten From XML
Variant to Flattened String

Format Codes for the Time Format String
Format Date/Time String
Format Into String
Line Feed Constant
Match Pattern
Match Regular Expression
Replace Substring
Scan From String
Search and Replace String
Space Constant
Spreadsheet String To Array
String Constant
String Length
String Subset
String/Array/Path Conversion Functions

Array of Strings to Path
Byte Array To String
Path to Array of Strings
Path To String
String To Byte Array
String To Path

String/Number Conversion Functions

Decimal String To Number
Format Value
Fract/Exp String To Number
Hexadecimal String To Number
Number To Decimal String
Number To Engineering String
Number To Exponential String
Number To Fractional String
Number To Hexadecimal String
Number To Octal String
Octal String To Number
Scan Value

Tab Constant
To Lower Case
To Upper Case
Trim Whitespace


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