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Waveform VIs and Functions

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Waveform VIs and Functions

Align Waveform Timestamps
Analog to Digital
Analog Waveform VIs and Functions

Append Waveforms
Build Waveform (Analog Waveform)
Get Waveform Attribute
Get Waveform Components (Analog Waveform)
Normalize Waveform
Number of Waveform Samples
Search Waveform
Set Waveform Attribute
Waveform Constant
Waveform Generation VIs

Basic Function Generator
Basic Multitone
Basic Multitone with Amplitudes
Bernoulli Noise Waveform
Binomial Noise Waveform
Formula Waveform
Gamma Noise Waveform
Gaussian White Noise Waveform
Inverse f Noise Waveform
MLS Sequence Waveform
Multitone Generator
Periodic Random Noise Waveform
Poisson Noise Waveform
Sawtooth Waveform
Simulate Arbitrary Signal
Simulate Signal
Sine Waveform
Square Waveform
Tones and Noise Waveform
Triangle Waveform
Uniform White Noise Waveform

Waveform Measurements VIs

Amplitude and Level Measurements
Amplitude and Levels
Averaged DC-RMS
Basic Averaged DC-RMS
Cross Spectrum (Mag-Phase)
Cross Spectrum (Real-Im)
Cycle Average and RMS
Distortion Measurements
Dual Channel Spectral Measurement
Extract Multiple Tone Information
Extract Single Tone Information
FFT Power Spectrum and PSD
FFT Spectrum (Mag-Phase)
FFT Spectrum (Real-Im)
Frequency Response Function (Mag-Phase)
Frequency Response Function (Real-Im)
Harmonic Distortion Analyzer
Pulse Measurements
Reference and State Levels
SINAD Analyzer
Spectral Measurements
Timing and Transition Measurements
Tone Measurements
Transition Measurements
Waveform Monitoring VIs

Basic Level Trigger Detection
Limit Specification
Limit Specification By Formula
Limit Testing
Mask and Limit Testing
Trigger and Gate
Waveform Peak Detection

Waveform Min Max
Waveform Scalar Limit Comparison
Waveform Scale and Offset
Waveform to XY Pairs

Build Waveform (Analog Waveform)
Copy Waveform dt
Digital to Analog
Digital Waveform VIs and Functions

Append Digital Samples
Append Digital Signals
Build Digital Data
Build Waveform (Digital Waveform)
Compress Digital
Digital Comparison
Digital Conversion VIs and Functions

Binary to Digital
Boolean Array to Digital
Digital to Binary
Digital to Boolean Array
Spreadsheet String to Digital

Digital Pattern Generator
Digital Ring
Digital Signal Subset
Digital Size
Empty Digital Data
Empty Digital Waveform
Get Digital Data Components
Get Waveform Attribute
Get Waveform Components (Digital Waveform)
Invert Digital
Replace Subset
Search for Digital Pattern
Set Waveform Attribute
Uncompress Digital

Get Final Time Value
Get Waveform Attribute
Get Waveform Components (Analog Waveform)
Get Waveform Subset
Get Waveform Time Array
Get XY Value
Index Waveform Array
Scale Delta t
Set Waveform Attribute
Waveform Duration
Waveform File I/O VIs

Export Waveforms to Spreadsheet File
Read Waveforms from File
Write Waveforms to File


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