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Linear Algebra VIs

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Linear Algebra VIs

A x B
Back Transform Eigenvectors
Cholesky Factorization
Cholesky Factorization Rank-1 Update
Create Real Matrix From Eigenvalues
Create Special Matrix
Dot Product
Eigenvalues and Vectors
Generalized Eigenvalues and Vectors
Generalized SVD Decomposition
Hessenberg Decomposition
Inverse Matrix
Kronecker Product
LU Factorization
Lyapunov Equations
Matrix Balance
Matrix Characteristic Polynomial
Matrix Condition Number
Matrix Exp
Matrix Logarithm
Matrix Norm
Matrix Power
Matrix Rank
Matrix Square Root
Outer Product
PseudoInverse Matrix
QR Decomposition
QZ Decomposition
Schur Decomposition
Solve Linear Equations
Subspaces Angle
SVD Decomposition
Sylvester Equations
Test Matrix Type
Transpose Matrix
Vector Norm
Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines VIs

amax - Max Element Index
amin - Min Element Index
asum - Absolute Values Sum
axpy - Scalar-Vector Product
copy - Vector Copy
ddot - Dot Product (DBL)
dger - General Matrix Rank-1 Update (DBL)
drotm - Fast Givens Rotation (DBL)
drotmg - Fast Givens Rotation Parameters (DBL)
dsymv - Symmetric Matrix-Vector Product (DBL)
dsyr - Symmetric Matrix Rank-1 Update (DBL)
dsyr2 - Symmetric Matrix Rank-2 Update (DBL)
gemm - General Matrix-Matrix Product
gemv - General Matrix-Vector Product
nrm2 - Vector 2-Norm
rot - Givens Rotation
rotg - Givens Rotation Parameters
swap - Vector Swap
symm - Symmetric Matrix-Matrix Product
syr2k - Symmetric Matrix Rank-2k Update
syrk - Symmetric Matrix Rank-k Update
trmm - Triangle Matrix-Matrix Product
trmv - Triangle Matrix-Vector Product
trsm - Solve Linear Eqs (Triangle, multiple)
trsv - Solve Linear Eqs (Triangle, single)
zdotc - Dot Product with Conjugation (CDB)
zdotu - Dot Product (CDB)
zgerc - General Matrix Rank-1 Update with Conjugation (CDB)
zgeru - General Matrix Rank-1 Update (CDB)
zhemm - Hermitian Matrix-Matrix Product (CDB)
zhemv - Hermitian Matrix-Vector Product (CDB)
zher - Hermitian Matrix Rank-1 Update (CDB)
zher2 - Hermitian Matrix Rank-2 Update (CDB)
zher2k - Hermitian Matrix Rank-2k Update (CDB)
zherk - Hermitian Matrix Rank-k Update (CDB)

Matrix Functions

Build Matrix
Get Matrix Diagonal
Get Matrix Elements
Get Submatrix
Matrix Size
Resize Matrix
Set Matrix Diagonal
Set Matrix Elements
Set Submatrix
Transpose Matrix


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