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Numeric Functions

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Numeric Functions

Absolute Value
Add Array Elements
Compound Arithmetic
DBL Numeric Constant
Enum Constant
Expression Node
Machine Epsilon
Multiply Array Elements
Negative Infinity
Numeric Constant
Positive Infinity
Quotient & Remainder
Random Number (0-1)
Ring Constant
Round Toward -Infinity
Round Toward +Infinity
Round To Nearest
Scale By Power Of 2
Square Root
Complex Functions

Complex Conjugate
Complex To Polar
Complex To Re/Im
Polar To Complex
Polar To Re/Im
Re/Im To Complex
Re/Im To Polar

Conversion VIs and Functions

Boolean Array To Number
Boolean To (0,1)
Byte Array To String
Cast Unit Bases
Color to RGB
Convert Unit
Number To Boolean Array
RGB to Color
String To Byte Array
To Byte Integer
To Double Precision Complex
To Double Precision Float
To Extended Precision Complex
To Extended Precision Float
To Fixed-Point
To Long Integer
To Quad Integer
To Single Precision Complex
To Single Precision Float
To Time Stamp
To Unsigned Byte Integer
To Unsigned Long Integer
To Unsigned Quad Integer
To Unsigned Word Integer
To Word Integer

Data Manipulation Functions

Flatten To String
Join Numbers
Logical Shift
Mantissa & Exponent
Rotate Left With Carry
Rotate Right With Carry
Split Number
Swap Bytes
Swap Words
Type Cast
Unflatten From String

Fixed-Point Functions

Clear Fixed-Point Overflow Status
Fixed-Point to Integer Cast
Include Fixed-Point Overflow Status
Integer to Fixed-Point Cast
Remove Fixed-Point Overflow Status

Scaling VIs

Convert RTD Reading
Convert Strain Gauge Reading
Convert Thermistor Reading
Convert Thermocouple Reading
Degrees to Radians
Radians per Second to RPM
Radians to Degrees
RPM to Radians per Second

Math & Scientific Constants


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