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Point By Point VIs

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Point By Point VIs

Filters PtByPt VIs

Bessel Filter PtByPt
Butterworth Filter PtByPt
Chebyshev Filter PtByPt
Elliptic Filter PtByPt
Equi-Ripple BandPass PtByPt
Equi-Ripple BandStop PtByPt
Equi-Ripple HighPass PtByPt
Equi-Ripple LowPass PtByPt
FIR Filter PtByPt
FIR Windowed Filter PtByPt
IIR Cascade Filter PtByPt
IIR Cascade Filter with I.C. PtByPt
IIR Filter PtByPt
IIR Filter with I.C. PtByPt
Inverse Chebyshev Filter PtByPt
Median Filter PtByPt
Savitzky Golay Filter PtByPt

Fitting PtByPt VIs

Exponential Fit Coefficients PtByPt
Exponential Fit PtByPt
General LS Linear Fit PtByPt
General Polynomial Fit PtByPt
Linear Fit Coefficients PtByPt
Linear Fit PtByPt

Geometry PtByPt VIs

1D Polar to Rectangular PtByPt
1D Rectangular to Polar PtByPt

Integral & Differential PtByPt VIs

Derivative x(t) PtByPt
Integral x(t) PtByPt

Interpolation PtByPt VIs

Polynomial Interpolation PtByPt
Rational Interpolation PtByPt
Spline Interpolant PtByPt
Spline Interpolation PtByPt

Linear Algebra PtByPt VIs

Complex Dot Product PtByPt
Complex Outer Product PtByPt
Dot Product PtByPt
Outer Product PtByPt

Other Functions PtByPt VIs

Add Array Elements PtByPt
Array Max & Min PtByPt
Boolean Crossing PtByPt
Complex Queue PtByPt
Data Queue PtByPt
Decrement PtByPt
Increment PtByPt
Search 1D Array PtByPt
Sort 1D Array PtByPt
Value Has Changed PtByPt
Zero Crossing PtByPt
Zero-Order Hold PtByPt

Polynomial PtByPt VIs

1D Linear Evaluation PtByPt
1D Polynomial Evaluation PtByPt

Probability & Statistics PtByPt VIs

General Histogram PtByPt
Histogram PtByPt
Mean PtByPt
Median PtByPt
Mode PtByPt
Moment about Mean PtByPt
Normalize Vector PtByPt
Sample Variance PtByPt
Standard Deviation PtByPt
Variance PtByPt

Signal Generation PtByPt VIs

Gaussian White Noise PtByPt
Periodic Random Noise PtByPt
Sawtooth Wave PtByPt
Sine Wave PtByPt
Square Wave PtByPt
Triangle Wave PtByPt
Uniform White Noise PtByPt

Signal Operation PtByPt VIs

AC & DC Estimator PtByPt
AutoCorrelation PtByPt
Convolution PtByPt
CrossCorrelation PtByPt
Deconvolution PtByPt
Peak Detector PtByPt
Quick Scale 1D PtByPt
Scale 1D PtByPt
Threshold Detector PtByPt
Unit Vector PtByPt
Unwrap Phase PtByPt
Y[i]=Clip{X[i]} PtByPt
Y[i]=X[i-n] PtByPt

Spectral Analysis PtByPt VIs

Amplitude and Phase Spectrum PtByPt
Auto Power Spectrum PtByPt
Buneman Frequency Estimator PtByPt
Cross Power PtByPt
Cross Power Spectrum PtByPt
Power Spectrum PtByPt
STFT Spectrogram PtByPt
WVD Spectrogram PtByPt

Transforms PtByPt VIs

Fast Hilbert Transform PtByPt
Impulse Response Function PtByPt
Inverse Fast Hilbert Transform PtByPt
Inverse FFT PtByPt
Inverse FHT PtByPt
Transfer Function PtByPt
Walsh Hadamard Inverse PtByPt
Walsh Hadamard PtByPt
Wavelet Transform Daubechies4 Inverse PtByPt
Wavelet Transform Daubechies4 PtByPt
Windowed FFT PtByPt


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