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XY Plot Matrix

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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XY Plot Matrix


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Format:X Scale Format
Format:Y Scale Format
Graph:Graph Legend Visible
Graph:Plot Legend Visible
Graph:Plot Legend Auto Size
Graph:Plot Legend Number
Graph:Plot FG Color
Graph:Plot BG Color
Graph:Bounds Width
Graph:Bounds Height
Plot Specific:Active Plot
Plot Specific:Active Position
Plot Specific:Plot Name
Plot Specific:Line Style
Plot Specific:Line Width
Plot Specific:Point Style
Plot Specific:Interpolation
Plot Specific:Plot Color
Plot Specific:Fill Color
X Scale:Editable
X Scale:Flipped
X Scale:Mapping Mode
X Scale:Visible
X Scale:Style
X Scale:Scale Fit
X Scale:Offset and Multiplier:Offset
X Scale:Offset and Multiplier:Multiplier
X Scale:Tick:Major Tick Color
X Scale:Tick:Minor Tick Color
X Scale:Grid:Major Grid Color
X Scale:Grid:Minor Grid Color
X Scale:Range:Minimum
X Scale:Range:Maximum
X Scale:Range:Increment
X Scale:Range:Minor Increment
X Scale:Range:Start
X Scale:Marker:Visible
X Scale:Marker:FG Color
X Scale:Marker:BG Color
X Scale:Marker:Font Name
X Scale:Marker:Font Size
X Scale:Marker:Font Bold
X Scale:Marker:Font Italic
X Scale:Marker:Font Strike
X Scale:Marker:Font Underline
X Scale:Name Label:Visible
X Scale:Name Label:FG Color
X Scale:Name Label:BG Color
X Scale:Name Label:Font Name
X Scale:Name Label:Font Size
X Scale:Name Label:Font Bold
X Scale:Name Label:Font Italic
X Scale:Name Label:Font Strike
X Scale:Name Label:Font Underline
X Scale:Name Label:Justification
X Scale:Name Label:Text
Y Scale:Editable
Y Scale:Flipped
Y Scale:Mapping Mode
Y Scale:Visible
Y Scale:Style
Y Scale:Scale Fit
Y Scale:Offset and Multiplier:Offset
Y Scale:Offset and Multiplier:Multiplier
Y Scale:Tick:Major Tick Color
Y Scale:Tick:Minor Tick Color
Y Scale:Grid:Major Grid Color
Y Scale:Grid:Minor Grid Color
Y Scale:Range:Minimum
Y Scale:Range:Maximum
Y Scale:Range:Increment
Y Scale:Range:Minor Increment
Y Scale:Range:Start
Y Scale:Marker:Visible
Y Scale:Marker:FG Color
Y Scale:Marker:BG Color
Y Scale:Marker:Font Name
Y Scale:Marker:Font Size
Y Scale:Marker:Font Bold
Y Scale:Marker:Font Italic
Y Scale:Marker:Font Strike
Y Scale:Marker:Font Underline
Y Scale:Name Label:Visible
Y Scale:Name Label:FG Color
Y Scale:Name Label:BG Color
Y Scale:Name Label:Font Name
Y Scale:Name Label:Font Size
Y Scale:Name Label:Font Bold
Y Scale:Name Label:Font Italic
Y Scale:Name Label:Font Strike
Y Scale:Name Label:Font Underline
Y Scale:Name Label:Justification
Y Scale:Name Label:Text


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