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LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Placing SubVIs on Block Diagrams
Opening and Editing SubVIs
Examples and VI Templates

Creating VIs from Templates and Sample Projects
Creating Template VIs

Creating SubVIs

Setting up the Connector Pane

Assigning Terminals to Controls and Indicators
Confirming Terminal Connections
Deleting Terminal Connections on the Connector Pane
Selecting a Connector Pane Pattern
Setting Required, Recommended, and Optional Inputs and Outputs

Creating Icons

Creating a Library Icon
Creating a VI Icon
Creating a Custom-Shaped Icon
Synchronizing with the Icon Library Manually

Creating SubVIs from Selections

Avoiding SubVI Selections That Create Cycles
Avoiding SubVI Selections That Contain Terminals inside Structures
Avoiding SubVI Selections of More than 28 Objects that Require Terminals

Creating a Recursive VI
VI Hierarchy

Searching in the VI Hierarchy
Viewing the Hierarchy of VIs

Building Polymorphic VIs

Editing the Shortcut Menus of a Polymorphic VI
Adding or Removing an Instance in a Polymorphic VI

Saving VIs

Common Mass Compile Status Messages
Configuring Text Comparison for File Recovery
Converting Directories to LLBs
Converting LLBs to Directories
Creating Password-Protected VIs
Creating LLBs
LabVIEW File Extensions
Locking and Unlocking VIs
Marking VIs as Top-Level VIs in an LLB
Mass Compiling VIs
Removing Block Diagrams from VIs
Removing Files from LLBs
Renaming Files and Project Items
Reverting to the Last Saved Version of a VI
Saving Changes to VIs That Ship with LabVIEW
Saving for a Previous Version
Saving Individual VI Files
Saving VIs in Existing LLBs

Customizing VIs

Changing a VI Window Title
Copying Browse Paths and Keywords
Opening SubVI Front Panels During Execution
Preparing Example VIs to Appear in the NI Example Finder
Setting Execution Properties
Setting Window Appearance and Size
Customizing Menus

Application Item Tags
Associating Existing Menus
Customizing Menus Programmatically
Customizing Menus Statically
Handling Menu Selections
Reserved Application Item Tags
Showing and Hiding Menu Bars
Viewing Application Items

Customizing Run-Time Shortcut Menus

Application Item Tags for Shortcut Menus
Associating Existing Run-Time Shortcut Menus
Customizing Run-Time Shortcut Menus for Front Panels Programmatically
Customizing Run-Time Shortcut Menus for Controls Programmatically
Customizing Run-Time Shortcut Menus for Controls Statically
Disabling Run-Time Shortcut Menus
Handling Run-Time Shortcut Menu Selections


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