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Controlling Repetitive Operations Using Loops

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Controlling Repetitive Operations Using Loops

Automatically Concatenating Arrays Leaving Loops
Passing Elements in an Array through a Loop
Conditionally Writing Values to Loop Output Tunnels
Checking Boolean Values on Each Iteration
Changing the Continuation Behavior of Loops
Controlling the Timing on Loops
Handling Errors Using Conditional Terminals on Loops
For Loops: Repeating Operations a Set Number of Times

Specifying the Number of Times Operations in For Loops Execute
Stopping For Loops When a Condition Occurs
Parallel Iterations: Improving For Loop Execution Speed

Enabling Parallel For Loop Iterations
Verifying That a For Loop Can Run with Parallel Iterations
Configuring Parallel For Loop Iterations to Tweak Performance
Performance Considerations for Parallel For Loop Iterations

While Loops: Repeating Operations Until a Condition Occurs

Specifying Conditions for While Loops
Preventing Code Execution in the First While Loop Iteration
Example: Handling Notifier Operation Functions in While Loops

Transferring Values between Loop Iterations

Shift Registers: Passing Values between Loop Iterations

Passing One Value to the Next Loop Iteration
Passing Multiple Values to the Next Loop Iteration
Resetting the Initial Value of Shift Registers
Replacing Shift Registers with Tunnels

Feedback Nodes: Storing Data between Loop Iterations

Passing the Last Value from the Previous Execution to the Feedback Node
Resetting the Input Value on a Feedback Node Each Time a Loop Executes

Replacing Shift Registers with a Feedback Node


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