Bessel Filters

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Bessel filters have the following characteristics:

  • Maximally flat response in both magnitude and phase
  • Nearly linear-phase response in the passband

You can use Bessel filters to reduce nonlinear-phase distortion inherent in all IIR filters. High-order IIR filters and IIR filters with a steep roll-off have a pronounced nonlinear-phase distortion, especially in the transition regions of the filters. You also can obtain linear-phase response with FIR filters.

The following figure shows the magnitude and phase responses of a lowpass Bessel filter.

In the previous figure, the magnitude is smooth and monotonically decreasing at all frequencies.

The following figure shows the phase response of a lowpass Bessel filter.

The previous figure shows the nearly linear phase in the passband. Also, the phase monotonically decreases at all frequencies.

Like Butterworth filters, Bessel filters require high-order filters to minimize peak error, which accounts for their limited use.


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