Chebyshev Filters

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Chebyshev filters have the following characteristics:

  • Minimization of peak error in the passband
  • Equiripple magnitude response in the passband
  • Monotonically decreasing magnitude response in the stopband
  • Sharper roll-off than Butterworth filters

Compared to a Butterworth filter, a Chebyshev filter can achieve a sharper transition between the passband and the stopband with a lower order filter. The sharp transition between the passband and the stopband of a Chebyshev filter produces smaller absolute errors and faster execution speeds than a Butterworth filter.

The following figure shows the frequency response of a lowpass Chebyshev filter.

In the previous figure, the maximum tolerable error constrains the equiripple response in the passband. Also, the sharp roll-off appears in the stopband.


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