AECreate Object Specifier VI

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Owning Palette: Low Level Apple Events VIs

Requires: Base Development System (Mac OS X)

Creates a string describing an Apple event object, which you can use with the AESend VI.


class ID is the class of the object. Possible values include ccel for class Cell, ccol for class Column, and ctbl for class Table (from the Table Suite of AppleEvents), and cDB for the class DataBase (from the DataBase Suite of AppleEvents).
container is an AppleEvent object specifier descriptor string that describes the containing object of the specified object. It should be another object specifier that this VI creates. If empty (default), the NULL object specifier is the container, and indicates the target application, which is the outermost container of any object specifier.
key form ID describes the form of the key data. It instructs how to interpret the key data. You can use the following standard key forms:

String Value Apple Documentation Name Description
prop FormPropertyID The key data is the name of a property.
name FormName The key data is the name of the object.
ID FormUniqueID The key data is the unique identifier for the object.
indx FormAbsolutePosition The key data is the descriptor string for either a positive integer, indicating the offset of the requested element from the beginning of the container, or a negative integer, indicating its offset from the end of the container. The key data also can be the descriptor string for an absolute ordinal (type abso) with one of the following values: firs, last, midd, any, or all.
rele FormRelativePosition The key data is the descriptor string for a relative position (type enum) with a value of next or prev.
test FormTest The key data is the descriptor string for either a comparison record or a logical record, as created by either the AECreate Comp Descriptor or AECreate Logical Descriptor VIs.
rang FormRange The key data is the descriptor string for a range descriptor record, as created by the AECreate Range Descriptor VI.
key data describes the object. The value of key form ID determines this value.
Object specifier is the output descriptor string. You can use it as the input for calls to this VI or anywhere that requires an object specifier.

AECreate Object Specifier Details

An object specifier is an AppleEvent record with an obj type that describes an object. It has four elements: the class of the object, the containing object, a code indicating the form of the description, and the description of the object.


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