AESend Do Script VI

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Owning Palette: AppleEvent VIs

Requires: Base Development System (Mac OS X)

Sends the Do Script Apple event to a target application.

Script contains instructions that the target application understands. It is typically in a language specific to the target application. An example of an application with a script language is Claris HyperCard.
target ID describes the target application and its location. Most VIs that send Apple events need a description of the target application that receives the Apple event.
send options indicates whether the target application can interact with the user and the length of the Apple event timeout. Many of the VIs that send an Apple event have a send options input.
Want reply determines whether the target application waits asynchronously for a response from the application until the VI receives a response or until a timeout occurs (TRUE), or sends the Apple event and does not wait for a reply (FALSE). The default is TRUE.
High priority determines whether the Apple event is added to the beginning of the target application event queue (TRUE) or the end (FALSE). The default is FALSE.
interaction mode indicates the level of user interaction of the target application.

0Never Interact—Do not interact with the user.
1Allow Interaction (default)—Interact with the user only if the target application needs information.
2Always Interact—Interact with the user even if the target application does not need information.
Server may come to foreground determines whether the application appears in the foreground if it requires user interaction. The default is TRUE, which automatically switches the application to the foreground. If FALSE, the application icon blinks in the menu bar to notify the user.
Don't try to reconnect determines whether the system should try to reconnect if it is disconnected. The default is FALSE, which attempts to reconnect.
transaction ID is a number associated with a sequence of Apple events. If you need to send multiple Apple events related to a single transaction, use the same number throughout the transaction. The default is 0.
timeout ticks indicates how long in ticks (1/60 of a second) LabVIEW waits for a reply before timing out if want reply is TRUE. Use a value of 0 if you do not want a timeout. The default is 600 ticks, or 10 seconds.
error string describes error information.
error, if negative, indicates a Mac OS X error. If positive, error indicates a LabVIEW error that occurred while sending the event. Refer to the Apple Event Error Codes for more information about specific Mac OS X errors.


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