Message Enqueuer:Equals Not A Refnum [Public]

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Owning Palette: Message Queue VIs (Actor Framework)

Requires: Base Development System

(Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Message Enqueuer.lvclass:Equals Not A

Checks whether a message enqueuer reference is equal to Not a Refnum. Unlike the Not a Number/Path/Refnum? function, this function does not check whether a non-zero reference still is valid. Refer to the detailed help for more information.

This function only checks whether Message Enqueuer is equal to Not a Refnum. It does not check whether Message Enqueuer still is valid because doing so can introduce a race condition into the application. It is possible for a refnum to become invalid after being declared valid but before a message is sent to it.

Message Enqueuer specifies a message enqueuer to check.
Not a refnum? returns TRUE if Message Enqueuer is equal to Not a Refnum, in which case you should not attempt to use this reference to send a message.

This output returns FALSE in all other situations, including when Message Enqueuer is a non-zero refnum that has been released already. In these situations, send the message and then check for an error on that operation.


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