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Stop Msg:Send Normal or Emergency Stop [Public]

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Owning Palette: Actor Framework VIs

Requires: Base Development System

(Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Stop Msg.lvclass:Send Normal or Emergency

Sends a Stop message to an actor. The priority of this message is determined by the value of the final error code input. If this input is 0, this VI sends the message with normal priority; otherwise, it sends the message with critical priority.


Message Enqueuer specifies the reference needed to send messages to the actor.
final error code specifies the error code that determines whether this VI sends a normal- or critical-priority message. A value of 0 sends a normal-priority message. Any other value sends a critical-priority message.
error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.
error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.

Stop Msg:Send Normal or Emergency Stop [Public] Details

The normal-priority message is the same as the one sent by the Send Normal Stop method.

The critical-priority message is the same as the one sent by the Send Emergency Stop method.


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