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Owning Palette: Data Communication VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Actor Framework VIs to create applications based on the Actor Framework.

Palette ObjectDescription
Actor:Launch Actor [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Actor.lvclass:Launch

Launches a top-level VI that handles messages for an actor and starts this actor's tasks. This VI returns a reference to the queue you use to send messages to the actor.

This VI requires the Actor-to-Caller Enqueuer input, which is the reference that allows the launched actor to communicate with the caller. If you are launching the top-level actor, use the Read Enqueuer method to obtain this reference. If you are launching a nested actor, use the Read Self Enqueuer method instead.
Actor:Read Caller Enqueuer [Protected](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Actor.lvclass:Read Caller

Returns the reference the actor needs to send messages to its caller.
Actor:Read Self Enqueuer [Protected](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Actor.lvclass:Read Self

Returns the reference needed for the actor to send messages to itself.
Last Ack:Read Actor [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Last Ack.lvclass:Read

Returns the state the actor was in when it shut down.
Last Ack:Read Caller-To-Actor Enqueuer [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Last Ack.lvclass:Read Caller-To-Actor

Returns the reference the caller used to send messages to the actor. Although the reference is invalid, you can use it to identify which actor shut down.
Last Ack:Read Error Report [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Last Ack.lvclass:Read Error

Returns the error, if any, that caused an actor to shut down.
Stop Msg:Send Emergency Stop [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Stop Msg.lvclass:Send Emergency

Sends an Emergency Stop message to an actor, triggering the actor to shut down as quickly as possible. This message has critical priority, meaning it will be processed before all messages that are already in the queue.
Stop Msg:Send Normal or Emergency Stop [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Stop Msg.lvclass:Send Normal or Emergency

Sends a Stop message to an actor. The priority of this message is determined by the value of the final error code input. If this input is 0, this VI sends the message with normal priority; otherwise, it sends the message with critical priority.
Stop Msg:Send Normal Stop [Public](Filename: Actor Framework.lvlib:Stop Msg.lvclass:Send Normal

Sends a Stop message to an actor, triggering the actor to run its Stop Core method. This message has normal priority, meaning the actor will process this message after processing high- or normal-priority messages that are in the queue already.
Note  Refer to the Actor Framework template, available from the Create Project dialog box, for a template that demonstrates the basics of the Actor Framework. Refer to the Feedback Evaporative Cooler sample project, also available from this dialog box, for a sample project that demonstrates an application based on the Actor Framework.

Advanced VIs (Actor Framework)Use the Advanced VIs with the Actor Framework to implement advanced messaging techniques.
Message Queue VIs (Actor Framework)Use the Message Queue VIs to launch and communicate with the top-level actor in your application.


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