Designing the Block Diagram

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Use the following guidelines to design block diagrams:

  • Use a left-to-right and top-to-bottom layout. Although the positions of block diagram elements do not determine execution order, avoid wiring from right to left to keep the block diagram organized and easy to understand. Only wires and structures determine execution order.
  • Avoid creating a block diagram that occupies more than one or two screens. If a block diagram becomes large and complex, it can be difficult to understand or debug.
  • Decide if you can reuse some components of the block diagram in other VIs or if a section of the block diagram works together as a logical component. If so, divide the block diagram into subVIs that perform specific tasks. Using subVIs helps you manage changes and debug the block diagrams quickly.
  • Use the error handling VIs, functions, and parameters to manage errors on the block diagram.
  • Improve the appearance of the block diagram by wiring efficiently. Poor wire organization might not produce errors, but it can make the block diagram difficult to read and debug or make the VI appear to do things it does not do.
  • Avoid wiring under a structure border or between overlapped objects, because LabVIEW might hide some segments of the resulting wire.
  • Avoid placing objects on top of wires. Placing a terminal or icon on top of a wire makes it appear as if a connection exists when it does not.
  • Use labels to document code on the block diagram.
  • Increase the space between crowded or tightly grouped objects by pressing the <Ctrl> key and use the Positioning tool to click the block diagram workspace. While holding the key combination, drag out a region the size you want to insert. (Mac OS X) Press the <Option> key. (Linux) Press the <Alt> key.

    A rectangle marked by a dashed border defines where space will be inserted. Release the key combination to add the space.

Refer to the LabVIEW Style Checklist for more tips on how to make block diagrams easy to read and manage.

Note   You can reroute all existing wires and rearrange all existing objects on the block diagram automatically.

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