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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Before you build a new VI, consider searching for an example VI that meets your needs by selecting Help»Find Examples to open the NI Example Finder. If you cannot find an appropriate example VI, open a template VI from the New dialog box and populate the template with built-in VIs and functions from the Functions palette. You also can use the Create Project dialog box, available by selecting File»Create Project, to browse customizable templates and sample projects.

Creating VI Templates

You can create custom template VIs to avoid adding the same components to the front panel or block diagram each time you want to perform a similar operation. Create a custom VI template by building a VI and saving it as a template.

You can add templates as subVIs to a template VI. To add a template as a subVI, open the VI template and drag the VI icon in the upper right corner of the front panel or block diagram window to the block diagram of the top-level template VI. When you create a VI from a template that contains template subVIs and save the VI, LabVIEW prompts you to save each template subVI as a VI.

Other Files

In the Create New list of the New dialog box, select an item from the Other Files category to create run-time menus, custom controls, global variables, and project libraries.


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