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Edition Date: June 2013

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After you build a VI front panel and block diagram, build the icon and the connector pane so you can use the VI as a subVI. The icon and connector pane correspond to the function prototype in text-based programming languages. Every VI displays an icon, such as the one shown as follows, in the upper right corner of the front panel and block diagram windows.

A VI icon is a graphical representation of a VI. It can contain text, images, or a combination of both. If you use a VI as a subVI, the icon identifies the subVI on the block diagram of the VI. If you add the VI to a palette, the VI icon also appears on the Functions palette. You can double-click the icon in the front panel window or block diagram window to customize or edit it.

Note  Customizing VI icons is recommended, but optional. Using the default LabVIEW icon does not affect functionality.

You also need to build a connector pane, shown as follows, to use the VI as a subVI.

The connector pane is a set of terminals that correspond to the controls and indicators of that VI, similar to the parameter list of a function call in text-based programming languages. The connector pane defines the inputs and outputs you can wire to the VI so you can use it as a subVI. A connector pane receives data at its input terminals and passes the data to the block diagram code through the front panel controls and receives the results at its output terminals from the front panel indicators.


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