Setting up the VI Revision History

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Use the History window to display the development history of a VI, including revision numbers. As you make changes to the VI, record and track them in the History window. Select Edit»VI Revision History to display the History window. You also can print the revision history or save it to an HTML, RTF, or text file.

You can set options for, add comments to, view, and reset the revision history.

Revision Numbers

The revision number is an easy way to track changes to a VI. The revision number starts at one and increases incrementally every time you save the VI. To display the current revision number in the title bar of the VI and the title bar of the History window, select Tools»Options, select Revision History from the Category list, and place a checkmark in the Show revision number in titlebar checkbox.

Revision numbers are independent of comments in the History window. Gaps in revision numbers between comments indicate that you saved the VI without a comment.

Because the history is strictly a development tool, LabVIEW automatically removes the history when you remove the block diagram of a VI. The History window is not available in the run-time version of a VI. The General page of the VI Properties dialog box displays the revision number, even for VIs without block diagrams. Click the Reset button in the History window to erase the revision history and reset the revision number.


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