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Using XControls in VIs

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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After you create an XControl, you can use it in a VI just as you use a built-in LabVIEW control or indicator. When you use an XControl in a VI, the block diagram for that VI is simplified because the XControl includes the behavior of the control. Place an XControl on the front panel of a VI, click the Select a Control icon on the Controls palette, and navigate to the XControl (.Xctl) you want to place on the front panel.

Note  When you place an XControl on the front panel, LabVIEW loads the XControl library. LabVIEW locks the XControl library while the XControl is in use by a VI. You must unlock the XControl library if you need to edit it while the XControl is in use by a VI.

After you add the XControl to the VI, use it just as you would a built-in LabVIEW control or indicator. You can resize the XControl as a whole to fit the front panel. You can access custom and built-in menu items for the control. You also can programmatically configure the XControl through the custom properties and methods implemented in the XControl.

Refer to the Run Dual Mode Thermometer XControl VI in the labview\examples\Controls and Indicators\XControls\Dual Mode Thermometer directory for an example of using XControls.


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