Choose Environment Settings Dialog Box

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Certain LabVIEW add-ons, such as the LabVIEW Robotics Module, include additional environment settings that allow you to develop specialized applications in LabVIEW. If you install one or more of these LabVIEW add-ons, you can use the Choose Environment Settings dialog box to switch between LabVIEW environments and apply their settings.

Select Tools»Choose Environment to display this dialog box.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Choose your environment settings—Lists the available LabVIEW environments.
  • Make this my default setting—Specifies to display the selected environment and its settings each time you launch LabVIEW.
  • Apply—Displays the selected environment and applies its settings. Clicking the Apply button does not change the default environment unless you place a checkmark in the Make this my default setting checkbox.


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