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Web Publishing Tool Dialog Box

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Select Tools»Web Publishing Tool to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to create HTML documents and embed VI front panel images.

This dialog box includes the following components and series of pages:

  • Preview—Displays a preview of the Web page to be generated. This component appears on each page of the Web Publishing Tool dialog box.
  • Preview in Browser—Previews the Web page in the default browser. This option is disabled if the LabVIEW Web Server is not running.
  • Start Web Server—Starts the LabVIEW Web Server. This option is disabled if the Web Server is already running.
  • Select VI and Viewing Options—Includes the following components:
    • VI name—Allows you to select the VI you want to publish.
      Note  The Web Publishing Tool creates an HTML file in the application instance from which you open the VI. If you close the VI and then reopen the VI in a different application instance, clients cannot view the VI.
    • Viewing Mode—Contains the following options:
      • Embedded—Embeds the front panel of the VI so clients can view and control the front panel remotely using a browser. The VI must be in memory on the server computer so clients can view and control the front panel. You can embed only standard VIs for remote front panel connections. For example, you cannot embed a polymorphic VI.
        Note  The Embedded option is available only in the LabVIEW Full and Professional Development Systems.
        • Request control when connection is established—Causes the embedded front panel to automatically request control over the remote VI after the connection is established. This option is available only when you select Embedded as the Viewing Mode.
      • Snapshot—Displays a static image of the front panel in a browser. This option does not allow you to interact with the controls of the VI from the browser.
      • Monitor—Displays an animated snapshot that updates continuously. This option does not allow you to interact with the controls of the VI from the browser.
    • Show border—Surrounds the embedded front panel image with a thin border.
  • Select HTML Output—Includes the following components:
    • Document title—Text that appears as the title of the Web page.
    • Header—Text to display before the image of the front panel.
    • Footer—Text to display after the image of the front panel.
  • Save the New Web Page—Includes the following components:
    • Local Directory to save the Web page—The folder in which to create the HTML file, usually the labview\www directory on Windows.
    • Filename—The filename to give the HTML file.
    • URL—The Web address of the document if the document is published on the computer on which it is being created. You can copy the URL into a Web browser.


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