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Web Services Page (Application Properties Dialog box)

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Requires: Application Builder or Professional System

Use this page of the Application Properties dialog box to configure Web services that you want to include with a stand-alone application. You can add any Web services available in the LabVIEW Project Explorer window to a stand-alone application. When you deploy that application to a target computer, the application includes those Web services.
  • Web services—Lists the available Web services for the target to which this build specification belongs.
  • Enable HTTP—Allows a client to use HTTP to call any web services that you include with this build specification. You must leave this component selected to interact with the HTTP Port control.
  • HTTP port—Specifies the port to use for unencrypted communication. You must configure each application that will run simultaneously to use a unique port.
  • Enable SSL—Select this component to allow a client to use HTTPS to call any included web services. You must select this component to interact with the following components on this page.
  • SSL port—Indicates the TCP/IP port the Web Server uses for SSL-encrypted communication. You cannot enable SSL on the port specified by HTTP Port. You must use a unique port for SSL port to allow encrypted communication.
  • SSL certificate file—Allows you to browse for paths to certificate (.cer) files on the destination target. If you select a certificate from Discovered certificates, LabVIEW automatically populates this component.
  • Query host for certificates—Contains the following components that allow you to view and select the certificates for a specific target:
    • Discovered certificates—Lists the certificates for the target specified by the Server Address component after you perform a query. SSL certificate file displays the path to certificates you select from this list.
    • Server address—Specifies a target to query for SSL certificates. You can set the server address as the IP address of the target to which this build specification belongs. However, if you want to use an installer to deploy the application that includes these web services to another computer, change the default IP address to match that computer in order to make sure that LabVIEW can find the correct SSL certificates.
  • Query—Runs a query of the address in Server address to discover SSL certificates. Refer to Discovered certificates to view the names of the certificates and SSL certificate file to view the paths. You must enable SSL on the system web server for the target to use this component.


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