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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Converts a signal or signals into a table of data that lists the amplitude of each signal and the time data for each point in the signal.

Note  This Express VI appears on the block diagram when you add an Express table to the front panel. You can find the Express table on the List, Table & Tree palette.

Dialog Box Options
Block Diagram Inputs
Block Diagram Outputs

Dialog Box Options

Format for Numeric Table DataContains the following options:
  • Format the numbers—Changes the displayed format of the numbers in the table. Examples of each format appear in parentheses after the name of the format.
  • Use specified precision—Formats the numbers with the precision you specify in Precision. This option is available only when you select Fractional/Scientific (12.345), Fractional (12.345), or Scientific (1.234E1) from the Format the numbers pull-down menu.
  • Precision—Changes the digits of precision of the numbers in the table. The default is 2.
  • Clear data on each call—Empties the table cells after each iteration.
  • Include time data—Includes the time data for the signal in the table.

Block Diagram Inputs

Include time dataIncludes the time data for the signal in the table. The value you wire to this input overrides the value you set in the configuration dialog box.
SignalsContains the input signal or signals.
ResetControls the initialization of the internal state of the VI. The default is FALSE.
EnableEnables or disables the Express VI. The default is ON or TRUE.
error inDescribes error conditions that occur before this node runs.

Block Diagram Outputs

TableDisplays a table formatted according to the specifications you set.
error outContains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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