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Input Express VIs

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Owning Palette: Express VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Input Express VIs to gather data or to acquire or simulate signals.

Note  The DAQ Assistant Express VI does not appear on the Input palette unless you have NI-DAQmx installed. Refer to the DAQ Getting Started Guide for more information about installing NI-DAQmx.

The Instrument I/O Assistant Express VI does not appear on the Input palette unless you have the Instrument I/O Assistant installed. You install the Instrument I/O Assistant from the National Instruments Device Drivers DVD.
Palette ObjectDescription
Prompt User for InputDisplays a standard dialog box that prompts users to enter information, such as a user name and password.
Read From Measurement FileReads data from a text-based measurement file (.lvm) or binary measurement file (.tdm or .tdms).
Simulate Arbitrary SignalSimulates a signal that you define.
Simulate SignalSimulates a sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, or noise signal.

Instrument Drivers VIsUse Instrument Drivers VIs to configure, control, and retrieve data from GPIB, serial, modular, PXI, and other types of instruments. Use the NI Instrument Driver Finder to search for and install instrument drivers. If an instrument driver is not available, you can use the Create New Instrument Driver Project wizard to create a new instrument driver. If you do not create an instrument driver, you can use the Instrument I/O Assistant to communicate with message-based instruments.


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