Adding a Custom Title Option for Express VI Instances

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Each instance of an Express VI has a different name. LabVIEW uses consecutive numbers to name Express VI instances uniquely. On the block diagram, double-click the name of the Express VI on the expandable node to edit the name of that instance. You also can create an option in the configuration dialog box to add custom titles for instances of an Express VI.

Complete the following steps to create an option for adding custom titles to instances of an Express VI.

  1. Open the configuration dialog box VI of the Express VI.
  2. Place a system string control on the front panel in the Main Selection frame. Label the control Express VI Name.
  3. In the Initialize section of the block diagram, locate the first unused element in the Control Data array and select Title as the control type.
  4. Enter Express VI Name in the SourceVI Ctl Label control for that element.
    Note  You must enter the exact string, including the correct case, as it appears in the string control label on the front panel. To ensure accuracy, copy and paste from the front panel label.
  5. Save and close the configuration dialog box VI.
  6. Place a copy of the Express VI on a block diagram.
  7. In the configuration dialog box, enter the title you want in the Express VI Name control.
  8. Click the OK button to close the configuration dialog box. The new title appears on the Express VI. If you edit the Express VI to display current configuration settings, the new title also appears in the Context Help window.


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