Importing a Lookout Account (Windows)

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Use the Domain Account Manager to create and destroy a local domain, export and import a local domain, add and remove network domains, import a Lookout account, and manage domain users and groups.

Complete the following steps to use the Domain Account Manager to import a Lookout account.

  1. Select Tools»Security»Domain Account Manager to display the Domain Account Manager.
  2. Select File»New»Import Lookout Security File or right-click the domain list and select Import Lookout Security File from the shortcut menu to display the Domain Properties dialog box.
    Note Note  If a local domain already exists on the computer, a dialog box prompts you to save a copy of the existing local domain. Click the Yes button to save a copy of the existing local domain before you import the Lookout account. Click the No button to replace the existing local domain with the Lookout account. Click the Cancel button to cancel the import.
  3. Click the General tab and enter a name for the domain in the Domain text box.
  4. Click the Passwords tab and configure the minimum and maximum lengths of passwords and the password expiration date.
Note  The password length and expiration date apply as the default setting for all user accounts in the domain.
  1. Click the Access Control tab and add machines or IP addresses to the Grant List or Deny List. Select list to activate specifies which list the domain is currently using.
  2. Click the OK button to display the Change Password dialog box.
  3. Enter a password for the Administrator account and click the OK button.
  4. Enter the default password for all users and click the OK button.


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