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Editing a Palette Set

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Complete the following steps to edit the Controls or Functions palettes.

  1. Select Tools»Advanced»Edit Palette Set to display the Edit Controls and Functions Palette Set dialog box.
  2. Right-click the Controls or Functions palettes and select from the options on the shortcut menu.

    Right-click an open area on the palette to insert an object, row, or column, toggle the standard menu view, or delete an empty slot from the palette. Right-click an icon to move a subpalette, delete a subpalette, copy an icon, edit a subpalette icon, rename a subpalette, set a file to update based on the contents of a directory, or edit an icon short name. To move an object, drag it to a new location on the palette.
  3. After you edit the palettes, click the Save Changes button in the Edit Controls and Functions Palette Set dialog box to open the Preview Palette Changes dialog box and save the changes. Click the Cancel button to cancel any changes you made in this editing session and close this dialog box.

To edit the palette set for a specific target, select Tools»Advanced»Edit Palette Set from a VI on the target whose palette set you want to modify.

If you edit the palettes, LabVIEW saves the edits to the xxxx\Palettes\menus directory, where xxxx is the version of LabVIEW, in the default data directory. LabVIEW saves the edits in a copy of the original palette. The protection of the original palettes ensures that you can experiment with the palettes without corrupting the original palettes. To revert to the original palettes, click the Restore to Default button on the Edit Controls and Functions Palette Set dialog box.

To edit the visible palette categories on the Controls or Functions palette, click the Customize button on the palette toolbar and select Change Visible Palettes from the shortcut menu to display the Change Visible Palettes dialog box. You also can click the Change Visible Palettes link at the bottom of a pinned palette to display the Change Visible Palettes dialog box.

Note Note  To edit a palette inside a packed project library, make changes to the palette and rebuild the packed library to update those changes in the library.

You also can use the Palette Editing VIs to edit the Controls or Functions palette set programmatically.


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