Creating a Bookmark Manager

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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LabVIEW installs a Bookmark Manager in the labview\resource\dialog\BookmarkManager\managers directory. The Bookmark Manager that installs with LabVIEW is very basic and may not fulfill every requirement or use case. Therefore, you can create your own bookmark manager to better suit your application needs. Complete the following steps to create a bookmark manager.

  1. Copy the Default folder found in the labview\resource\dialog\BookmarkManager\managers directory. You will use this source as the starting point for developing your bookmark manager.
  2. Paste the folder in the same directory and rename Default to something else.
  3. Locate the Default.txt file at the top level of the managers directory and rename it to match the new name of the folder.
  4. Open the copy of the *.txt file and replace the word Default with the name of your new bookmark manager.
  5. Edit the files in the new folder to accommodate your particular needs.

If you have more than one folder and text file under the managers directory, LabVIEW prompts you to select the manager you want to use when you launch the Bookmark Manager window. If you place a checkmark in the Do not show again checkbox, LabVIEW launches the last manager you selected. If you add a new bookmark manager, LabVIEW reverts the checkbox setting and displays the Select a Bookmark Manager dialog box again.


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