Displaying Terminals as Icons or Data Types

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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You can configure front panel controls or indicators to appear as icon or data type terminals on the block diagram. By default, front panel objects appear on the block diagram as icon terminals. Use icon terminals to display the types of front panel objects on the block diagram, in addition to the data types of the front panel objects. Use data type terminals to conserve space on the block diagram.

Complete the following steps to display a terminal as a data type on the block diagram.

  1. Right-click a terminal on the block diagram.
  2. Select View As Icon from the shortcut menu to remove the checkmark. To display terminals as icons, select View As Icon from the shortcut menu again.
Note  Icon terminals are larger than data type terminals, so you might unintentionally obscure other block diagram objects when you convert a data type terminal to an icon terminal.

You can configure LabVIEW to display terminals for new front panel objects you create as icons or data types by default by setting the Place front panel terminals as icons option on the Block Diagram page of the Options dialog box.


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