Moving Arrays and Clusters

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Complete the following steps to move an array or a cluster.

  1. Use the Positioning tool to click the array shell border, the index display, or the cluster shell border to select the entire array or cluster, not just the element display.
  2. Drag the array or cluster to a new location.
Note  You also can select the array or cluster by dragging the Positioning tool diagonally across it. After you have selected the array or cluster in this manner, you can move it using the Positioning tool.

If you move only the element in the array or cluster instead of the entire array or cluster, the element separates from the array or cluster because the array shell/cluster shell and its elements are not locked together. Select Edit»Undo to cancel the operation or press the <Esc> key before you release the mouse button.


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